Hello world!

Welcome to southarrowmaps.co.nz

I’ve created my very own website.  It’s the first website I’ve ever owned, and it’s all very exciting, while equally overwhelming at the same time.

This site will have two sides to it:


Individual maps, each of which will have a brief description of what it is and/or why I made it, as well as a quick overview of the creative process behind it.


Longer posts, not necessarily related to a single map, but more of a discussion of techniques, processes, software, data, tips, etc that someone, somewhere, might find interesting.

Luckily, last year’s #30DayMapChallenge has meant that I have 30-ish maps already up on my portfolio page.  Text descriptions for each will appear in the near future.

I’ll still be posting things over on Twitter under @southarrowmaps, but my intention is that this site will be my go-to for anything remotely map-related that I think is worthy of being shared.


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