Mill Creek

8th January 2022


West Wānaka Conservation Area,

Matukituki Valley, Otago


Descent with Rachel Jones, Patrick Timm, and Emma Stanley.

The waterfalls in Mill Creek look quite intimidating from above, but most of the abseils are clear of the water, and we had relatively low flow after several days of little to no rain. Although most pools have pour-overs, the only one of any concern was just above the narrows, for which the first person down provided a throw line for the rest of the group as a precaution.

Didymo appears to be present throughout most of the canyon, and much of the rock was very slippery. However, stunning blue pools and the spectacular final narrows made this a very fun and beautiful descent.

Mill Creek

Crossing the Matukituki River to access Mill Creek

Mill Creek

Emma Stanley descending R2

Mill Creek

Most of the pools are very deep and allow for jumps and slides, either from the top or from part way down an abseil

Mill Creek

The only pool of any concern poured-over into these narrows. A throw rope was used as a precaution

Mill Creek

The spectacularly sculpted high walls of final narrows


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