Frank Turner’s Never Ending Tour Of Everywhere

Day 18 of #30DayMapChallenge


An interactive global tour of every Frank Turner show to date*

To date*, Frank has clocked up 2,424 shows (as of today) across 48 countries around the world.

I’ve been to 29 of them…

I’ve been wanting to make a map of Frank’s shows for a while, but have never quite got there.

Of course, the issue with putting off a project like this is that the quantity of data is continually increasing. He’s played over 400 shows since I first contemplated this idea…

Luckily, Frank keeps a comprehensive archive of all his shows. Even more luckily, Frank’s drummer Nigel Powell has created an equally comprehensive archive, which includes a map of each show and the tour it was part of.

After a bit of html trawling with FME, I created a point location for each show, attributed with its date, show number, tour name, venue, city, and country. This was dumped into an ArcGIS Web Scene, styled appropriately, and made available to the world.

*as at 18th November 2019


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