Christchurch Speed Limits

Day 02 of #30DayMapChallenge


An experiment in creating neon lights in Blender.

Speed limit data from Christchurch City Council allowed me to create a set of road centrelines to which I could assign different materials.

I created a ‘neon light’ material, based on a tutorial by Blender Guru.

This isn’t as complicated as it looks. Basically it is an emission shader which emits light of a specified colour (depending on the speed limit).

The lower part of the node tree, using the ‘Facing’ layer weight, gives the bright white centre of each tube, with the colour showing towards the sides.

The upper part of the node tree, using the ‘Is Camera Ray’ light path, sets this to only apply to light emitted directly towards the camera. For light emitted in every other direction, the light is pure colour and is five times stronger, to allow the background wall to be lit appropriately.

By keyframing the emission strengths of each material, I could turn each section of road on and off to create an animation.

A neon speed limit sign acts as the legend.


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