Darran Mountains

Plan oblique linework

From the Spring 2021 edition of Climbing in Aotearoa: The New Zealand Alpine Journal


This map was created to illustrate an article by my friend Nia Weinzweig about her summer adventures in the Darran Mountains in the 2020/2021 season.

Approaching Moir’s Mate (© Nia Weinzweig)

Nia provided me with a list of locations and a rough sketch map, and some examples of her incredible ink drawings.

A young kea (© Nia Weinzweig)

Using a DEM in Blender, and only rendering Freestyle silhouettes and contours from a tilted orthographic camera, I was able to create a plan oblique map of the area in a style that complemented the artwork that would also feature in the article.

The linework was exported as an SVG vector file to Illustrator, where I added the labels of all the main peaks, lakes, rivers, and other spots mentioned in the article.


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