Robinson Creek

Robinson Creek

7th January 2022


Haast Pass,

Mount Aspiring National Park

Descent with Emma Stanley.

This was my first time teaming up with Emma, so we went for a short but spectacular canyon that she had previously descended but I hadn’t.

Halfway up the walk-in, the top of the spectacular cavern can be seen by peering out through the trees. The sight and sound of water pouring into a deep dark chasm was quite intimidating, but Emma reassured me that the abseil wasn’t as scary as it looked.

Any hesitations about the quantity of water descending the canyon were put to rest at the second abseil, into the “Roundy Roundy Pool”. Despite the guidebook talking of guides watching clients circling around this pool many times before being able to get out, there was hardly any current to speak of and exiting was very straightforward.

A couple more abseils and jumps took us to the top of the Cavern. I stayed on the rope from the previous pitch in order to access the anchors, and once attached I could fully take in my surroundings. Next to me the creek plummeted 25m into the gloom. Emma was the first to descend, and as I followed I stopped halfway to further appreciate how beautiful the place was.

A final bit of downclimbing and abseiling brought us back to the car.

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

Emma descends the first abseil pitch

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

The “Roundy Roundy Pool” had very little roundy roundy to speak of due to the low flows

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

Beautiful blue pools and sculpted bedrock

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

Emma walking through a small tunnel between boulders

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

Emma descends the 25m pitch into the spectacular cavern

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

Looking back up at the waterfall tumbling into the cavern

Robinson Creek 7th January 2021

The light at the end of the tunnel, leading the way out of the cavern


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